Fluency Disorders

Understanding Fluency Disorders

Fluency disorders involve frequent problems with the normal flow of speech. At the CCD, we treat both children and adults with fluency disorders, most commonly stuttering. Our National Association, (ASHA) recommends evaluation for stuttering if it has lasted for 6–12 months or more. Evaluation is also recommended if a child starts to stutter late (after 3½ years old), if stuttering begins to occur more often, if tensing or struggling occurs with talking, or if avoidance behaviors begin to occur. If there is a family history of stuttering, an evaluation might also be in order. In an evaluation, we assess the types and frequency of disfluency and how one reacts or tries to correct their speech.

Fluency Services

• Assessment for Fluency

• Analyzing Types of Disfluency

• Analyzing Prevalence of Disfluency

• Person Centered Therapy Plan

• Holistic Therapy

• Indirect & Direct Treatment 

• Individual and Group Therapy 

Treatment in our clinic may be in either individualized sessions or in groups.  Our clinic uses direct and indirect approaches, target decreasing tensing of the speech mechanisms, and strategies to decrease avoidance behaviers and increase comfort with speaking in different situations.

Fluency Summer Camp

Elementary and Adolescent fluency camps are generally held in June and July every year. The camp is a one week program for adolescents and a two-week program for elementary-age children.  The camp focuses on stuttering intervention. There are also individual and group activities as well as education for parents.

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