Hearing Disorders

Understanding Hearing Disorders

Children with speech sound disorders may be difficult to understand. They may produce some sounds incorrectly or may substitute one sound for another, or leave a sound off completely. Therapy for speech sound disorders might include teaching the child the correct way to make sounds, teaching the child to identify when sounds are produced correctly or incorrectly, encouraging the child to practice sounds in different words or in longer phrases or sentences.

Hearing Services

We are able to provide hearing screenings and will refer out to an audiologist as needed. We also provide comprehensive aural rehabilitation services to those with mild, moderate, or profound hearing loss. We have expertise in helping those who use hearing aids or cochlear implants. Our therapy begins with completing an evaluation of communication and functional listening skills and providing an appropriate plan of care that considers the needs and goals of the individual. We can provide both individual and group therapy that would include aspects of speech perception incorporating both analytic and synthetic listening skills, encouraging the individual to develop pro-active communication strategies for best outcomes for conversations and everyday listening. We work with individuals to help them develop ways to advocate for their communication needs which may include working to modify the environment. We emphasize a holistic approach to aural rehabilitation for children, taking into account the mode of communication a child and family has chosen. Working in concert with the child’s individualized educational plan, we would work to target a child’s speech perception, expressive and receptive language skills, speech production and to help the child advocate for their communication needs.

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